Genesis Farms Alpaca

Be blessed by the beauty of God's creations!

Dr. Marilyn and Herve Lajoie
1450 Kerwin LaneSpearfish , SD 28018

The alpaca are playing in the sunlight as well as the moonlight! Have you ever been on a mountain at twilight, surrounded by graceful and serene alpaca as the evening stars begin to twinkle in the sky? It is a glimpse of God's peace, and the elegance and magnitude of His creation. Having alpaca will bring joy to your life. Not matter how hurried your day has been, softly rubbing an alpaca's furry neck, you will find yourself letting go. Balance restored, simplicity glorified.
We had not planned to become a part of the alpaca's world, but are so grateful they have let us share their days. We bring to them my experiences in healthcare and nutrition, as I am an Internal Medicine physician, and Herve's experience as an athletic trainer and nutritionist. We have explored what makes them healthy, and what foods make their fleece shine in the moonlight. They love running and playing, rolling in the dirt and laying around, catching the rays of the sun. They are majestic and unique animals and will quickly become your fascination.
Some choose to have alpaca of their own, and will find a small herd of three are the minimum for these socialites. They need a herd, even if it's a small one. They need land to run and play, and green grass for grazing. I have some beautiful alpaca to select from and every natural color imaginable. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to improve the quality and genetics of your existing herd, call us and explore your goals.
There is so much to learn about alpaca. It can be a bit bewildering if trying to assimilate the volumes of info out there on the internet. We have done the research and know the science. Selection of alpaca has everything to do with your reason for owning them.
Breeding? Want color, size, a specific "look?" We can help guide your breeding decisions and offer extraordinary herd sires to set your program into the direction you want. Call us, let's talk alpaca!

Farm Terms & Financing

financing available - details discussed privately.

We are dispersing

After accepting a new position in WY, we are relocating and cannot take our herd. If you have space, we will give you our entire herd which is now up to about 175 alpaca. We have extraordinary fleece producers and champion alpaca. If you would like to adopt from our 501c3, we ask a $50 donation per alpaca, but if you can take them all, the entire herd is absolutely free. They are healthy and vibrant alpaca, and are available now in Spearfish SD.