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Nancy Chapel Izer and Art Izer
70397 Buckhorn Road Terrebonne, OR 97760

Featuring Designer Alpaca Clothing & Accessories, Blankets, Throws, Yarns, Roving, Rugs, Toys and Souvenirs.

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We began our fleece to fashion design company, Magical Strands, in 2014. With our expert staff, we make our breeding decisions, birth out babies, and select the best animals from our herd for their fiber. From this magnificent fiber, we create luscious, soft yarn, so we are able to bring to you one of the finest products of the North-West. The weavers then create the designs and woven material from that fiber. We select alpacas of every color and use their natural tones/shades instead of dyeing for caramel, grey, chestnut, nutmeg and black. We do find that it is fun to add some colored flair with vibrant blues, magenta, amber, and jade to give garments that extraordinary pizzazz. All aspects of our ranch are made in America. We strive to bring you the best with reasonable costs/pricing. Our staff would take pride in creating a garment of your choosing in the future.